Language and Social Interaction

Social interaction is the home of language. Our research group aims to understand how language is shaped by and for interaction across settings, modalities, and cultures, from ordinary conversation to chat-based interactions and from institutional interaction to human-agent interaction. Our research involves both fundamental questions and applied analyses that provide insights into professional practices. We combine the method of conversation analysis with methods and insights from comparative linguistics and multimodal interaction.

Research projects

Waving robot

The body in language use

Using a Conversation Analytic approach, this project inductively investigates what signals humans make relevant while interacting with a robot for the first time.

The digitalization of (para)medical consultation

The digitalisation of (para)medical consultation

The aim of this project is to identify the impact of digitalisation on (para)medical interaction in the context of professional practice, and to provide solutions that can support professionals in the use of these technologies.

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