Language Learning, Teaching and Testing

This research group focuses on (instructed) language acquisition in both second and foreign language contexts, taking the perspective of the language learner, language teacher and/or language tester. We study the content, role and effects of language learning, teaching and testing, which includes topics such as the (multimodal) pedagogy of foreign language learning, the optimization of learning outcomes, the role of cultural awareness in language teaching, and also topics as spoken or written patterns in the interlanguage of language learners. The methodologies we use include corpus research, experiments, surveys, fieldwork and qualitative analyses

Research projects

Radboud Students at a Lecture

Predictive Validity of a Diagnostic Academic Language Skills Test for First Year University Students

Radboud University has developed a test, given to all undergraduate students, that aims to determine which students may need extra support to develop the academic language skills. This project aims to evaluate the predictive validity of the test.

Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

More than just "Uh, was?"

During lower secondary education pupils learn German for at least two years. This research investigates to what extent the teaching of plurilingual strategies during German classes can better prepare pupils for effective communication with speakers.

Meesterschap Moderne Vreemde Talen

Several members of the research group LLTT are members of the inter-university expert group on foreign language education, the ‘Meesterschapsteam MVT’. Click here if you want to know more about the activities of this team.

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