Language Variation in 4D

Languages are permanently in motion. This research group focuses on the complex processes behind language variation and change, which always take place simultaneously in several dimensions. These dimensions are:

  • Grammar and lexicon
  • Geographical space
  • Social space
  • Time 

Our vision

Each of the four main dimensions is represented in this research group through one or more chairs, and the researchers have expertise in different languages and language areas.

Research projects

Scrabble letters

Morphological effects on syntactic variation

In the literature on syntactic variation, several correlations between syntactic and morphological variation have been identified. In this project, we explore the possible correlation by evaluating existing generalisations and arguing for new ones.

17th-century Dutch Courant message with "ABC" written across the page in blue

Spread the new(s)!

By investigating the (socio)linguistic factors in the functional implementation of a standard language, this project hypotheses that newspaper were crucial in the expansion of the Dutch standard language.

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