Language Variation in 4D

Languages are permanently in motion. This research group focuses on the complex processes behind language variation and change, which always take place simultaneously in several dimensions. These dimensions are: Grammar and lexicon, Geographical space, Social space and Time. 

Research projects

Sociolinguistic research on language and culture of the Mennonite community of ejido Salamanca, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico

This PhD research examines the language and culture in a community of Old Colony Mennonites newly formed in 2004 (largely from Belize, but now also including some residents from Canada and other parts of Mexico) in southern Mexico, state of Quintana.

17th-century Dutch Courant message with "ABC" written across the page in blue

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By investigating the (socio)linguistic factors in the functional implementation of a standard language, this project hypotheses that newspaper were crucial in the expansion of the Dutch standard language.


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