Res. group. Grammar and Cognition

The CLS research group Grammar and Cognition aims to arrive at a better understanding of form (syntax) and meaning (semantics) in context (pragmatics). We investigate which factors guide hearers to the interpretation and speakers to the production of words, phrases and sentences. In our research, we combine theoretical linguistics with typology, empirical linguistics (experimental and corpus-based research), computational linguistics and literary studies.

Research projects

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The Language Leak

This project aims at uncovering the architecture of the multilingual sentence processing system and explaining how multilingual’s languages interact.

The Benedenstad, the heart of Nimwèègs.

Nimwèègs from a dynamic point of view

The city dialect of Nijmegen, known as Nimwèègs in the local vernacular, is a dialect spoken in the city of Nijmegen. This project aims at understanding the communicative place of Nimwèègs in the linguistic ecology of Nijmegen.

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G&C Colloquium: Maria Teresa Espinal (Lecture)

International Network of Address Research (INAR) Workshop

International Workshop

Maria Montessorigebouw

International Network of Address Research Workshop (INAR 7)

The seventh workshop of the International Network of Address Research (INAR) will take place at Radboud University. The aim of this international workshop is to bring together scholars interested in address research and related phenomena.


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