Economic Theory and Policy

The section Economic Theory and Policy studies public policies and incentive structures using insights from behavioral economics, psychology and related scientific fields, implementing theoretical, experimental and empirical approaches. 

The members of the section address questions in:

  • Sustainable decision-making: studying under what conditions individuals make decisions with inter-generational loyalty; how social norms explain socially sustainable behavior; extending individual perspective up to governance, with stakeholder co-creation and participative governance. 
  • Behavioral education economics: studying how to support student learning, well-being and self-directed behavior; but also how to design incentives for teachers in system transitioning to a new paradigm of inclusive education.
  • Health economics: how to promote healthy lifestyle, sustainable food consumption; solidarity in healthcare system; with this research contributing to Strategic Knowledge Agenda: looking forward to health in 2040. 
  • Finally, the section contributes to historical and critical investigation of modern economics and its policy relevance:  contributing to understanding the ways economics is being used in governance and is responding to the challenges of sustainable societies. 

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