International Economics

International Economics studies the interaction between individuals, firms and countries within the global economy. Members of the section work on various themes.  

At the macro-level, international comparative economics research traces differences in sustainable economic development between countries back to their social, political, and economic origins. A second area of interest is the analysis of economic interactions between agents from different social, political, financial and economic contexts in order to understand the causes, structure and consequences of globalization and de-globalization. 

At the meso-level, socio-economic research considers the challenges facing societies worldwide from the perspective of individuals embedded in human collectives. We work from the idea that no human is an island and that individuals are shaped by and themselves shape the social groups that they form. We thereby embrace the diversity of individuals—their values and their cognitive biases—but also the commonalities that can bring individuals together in distinct groups such as nationalities. 

At the micro-level, part of our section focuses on applied economics and development. We study the determinants and impacts of economic, social, technological and policy-induced developments in developing as well as developed countries. Theoretically rooted in modern micro-economics, we base our analyses on large-scale survey data and lab-in-the-field experiments enriched with qualitative information. We examine factors such as health, education, and living conditions jointly with economic aspects. Our goal is to inform policymaking and actively contribute to social and economic progress based on comprehensive academic insights. 

The section offers teaching courses in all areas of international economics and on all levels. These include, for example, development economics, international trade, comparative economics and business systems and applied econometrics. All members of the section regularly supervise bachelor and master theses.

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