Department of Language and Communication

Teaching and research on language, communication and information are carried out in the Department of Language and Communication. 


The research on language and communication within the department takes place at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and seeks to answer multiple questions. These questions include how languages are put together, how do they differ and how do they change, how do people learn a language or several languages, how is language used in communication and what problems can arise in the process, how does technology influence language and communication, and how can language and communication be understood by as many people as possible. The researchers work closely with other research institutions, companies and civil society organisations. The Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST), which is part of CLS, works on socially relevant applications such as automatic speech recognition, e-learning, e-government and e-health.


Undergraduate and graduate programmes within the department train students to become state-of-the-art language and communication specialists. The approximately 850 students receive small-scale education in an international environment and can choose between Dutch and English language study programmes with various specialisation options. In the third year of the Bachelor's programme, students choose a minor in which they work on professional skills in cooperation with social partners, in addition to deepening the content.

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