Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies

At the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, we aim to shed light on the interaction between cultural diversity and inequality in research and education. Analyzing this is often challenging due to the blurred distinction between people's cultural identity and their socioeconomic status in public discourse. For this reason, the department examines both the study of cultural diversity and inequality in discussions and discourses, as well as in social practices.


We explore the interaction between diversity and inequality from various disciplinary perspectives, drawing on the collaboration between anthropology and development studies. Our research is embedded within the Radboud Social and Cultural Research Institute (RadboudSCR). Through this institute, we delve into the complex dynamics of diversity and inequality, examining their multifaceted aspects and implications. Within the overarching theme of the interplay between these two themes, our research group addresses two concrete subthemes: 

Inequality and Relatedness in Multicultural Societies

In this subtheme, we focus on the impact of migration and mobility on societies, particularly concerning socioeconomic inequality in multicultural nation-states. 

Diversity, Markets, and Natural Resources

In this subtheme, we examine how diversity impacts the formation of different markets, the rules governing people's participation in those markets, and the unequal distribution of power among market participants. 

Our department

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Research projects



Ethnographic research project that analyses the role of brokerage (the social mechanism of mediation between different groups or levels in society) in urban governance, citizen participation and initiatives, and impact on state/citizen relations

Woman tends to washing hanging on the porch of her wooden shack on stilts in Indonesia

Resilient Indonesian Slums Envisioned (RISE)

To help slums in Indonesia become more resilient to the threat of water-related disasters, social scientists at the RISE project develop inclusive solutions on the basis of research into social-ecological interactions

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