Molecular Structure and Dynamics

Our group combines and integrates mass spectrometry with IR spectroscopy, enabling us to obtain infrared spectral fingerprints for mass-selected ions inside the mass spectrometer. We apply infrared ion spectroscopy in various analytical challenges of identifying molecular structures of low-abundance compounds within complex mixtures, e.g. in biomarker discovery. In more fundamental studies, we investigate molecular spectra and structures of ionized molecules, e.g. to pin down the molecular structure of MS/MS product ions or for applications in astrochemistry.

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Tent outside in the sun for User Meeting Gathering

HFML-FELIX and EMFL User meeting: an informative and enjoyable gathering

The HFML-FELIX User Meeting 2023 has come to an end. The event took place from the 13th to the 15th of June and was generally well received. An overview of the highlights.

HFML-FELIX building on Radboud University Campus

HFML-FELIX is looking for a European Project Officer

HFML-FELIX is looking for a project leader to support our participation in a palette of European projects and the international collaborations LEAPS and EMFL.

Focus Areas

The Molecular Structure and Dynamics group, focusses its research mainly on Analytical Ion Spectroscopy, Ion Chemistry and Astrochemistry. 

Group members

Scientific Staff

Prof. dr. Jos Oomens
dr. Giel Berden
dr. Jonathan Martens


Kas Houthuijs, MSc     -     Jelle Schuurman, MSc
Matthias Vink, MSc     -     Lara van Tetering,MSc
Laura Finazzi, MSc      -     Teun van Wieringen, MSc

Molecular structures and dynamics group picture 1
Molecular structures and dynamics group picture 2

Prof. Jos Oomens in the RN7 TV series tells about the research methods used in the Molecular Structure and Dynamics research group. (in Dutch)

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HFML-FELIX (Magnet Laboratory)

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