Human geography at Radboud University is concerned with analysing the complex interplay between human activities and their environments. Our focus is on pressing social issues, such as sustainability, globalisation, inequality, conflict, urban life, and current migration and border policies.

With our research, we aim to better understand contemporary social challenges and injustices, ultimately providing tools for better and more conscious action. To this end, we investigate the dynamic spatial relationships that connect people, companies and institutions at different scales (from global to local), with a critical lens and through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods that include mapping. We intensively collaborate with societal partners such as advocacy groups, local governments, think tanks and NGOs. Moreover, we work across disciplinary boundaries by building productive linkages with, among others, political science, environmental studies, spatial planning, science and technology studies, law and anthropology. Our research activities are in close dialogue with our teaching curriculum for the bachelor program in Geography, Planning and Environment, and the Human Geography masters. This ensures that our teaching probes topical societal issues and is informed by the latest developments in academic debates.

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