The Geography section is focused on analysing the interaction between the activities of humans and their physical living environments. Within this focus, we pay attention to pressing societal themes, such as sustainability, globalisation, inequality, conflict, the habitability of cities, and current migration and border policy. We critically research the dynamic spatial relations between individuals, businesses and institutions at different scalar levels (from global to local). With our gained knowledge, we then attempt to better understand certain societal challenges and injustices, in order to provide tools for better and more conscious action. In our research, we use a multitude of qualitative and quantitative methods, including modern cartography. To arrive at cutting-edge knowledge, we gladly work together with societal partners in both our research and teaching, such as municipalities, think-tanks and NGOs. Moreover, we also seek links with other scientific disciplines, such as political science, environmental and social sciences, spatial planning, law and anthropology. There is a direct connection between our research and the teaching that we provide in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Geography, Spatial Planning and Environment and the Master’s degree programme in Human Geography. This connection ensures that our teaching remains up-to-date on the latest developments in society as well as in science.

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