The European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) brings together outstanding academic institutions in the field of machine learning. Our mission at the Nijmegen ELLIS unit is to advance theoretical and applied machine learning research and to educate the next generation of machine learning researchers. We have over 30 years of experience in machine learning research in various domains, such as causal discovery, brain-inspired computing, computational aspects of machine learning, deep and transfer learning, speech and language processing and computer vision.

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Education - ELLIS Excellence Fellowships

Are you a Master's student interested in fundamental, in depth machine learning research? Are you an excellent student who wants to take on an extra challenge? Are you  interested in potentially pursuing an academic career and have the ambition to write an academic paper of high quality? Then this ELLIS excellence fellowship might be for you!

Fall  round 2024

Available projects

Check the dropdown menu below to see which projects you can apply to! We offer 15 different programmes. 


Apply to a project or submit you project together with your supervisor before 7 June

The ELLIS Excellence Fellowship is an exclusive opportunity designed to foster innovation and research through collaboration between excellent students and faculty at Radboud University and Radboudumc. This fellowship aims to facilitate groundbreaking work in multiple disciplines by providing financial and institutional support for selected master projects. The fellowship offers two different types of application processes to suit the needs of students:

1. Find your project (Project Submission by ELLIS Unit Nijmegen member)

An ELLIS Unit Nijmegen member at Radboud University or Radboudumc submit a project proposal for a master or internship project. Interested students can apply to work on these projects and will be selected based on an interview process.


7 June:        Deadline for student's applications.

24-28 June:   Interviews with students

Student application should contain:

  • CV of the student
  • Motivation letter: why this project and why ELLIS Excellence Fellowship?

Application via this form

 2. Apply with your project and supervisor (Joint submission by supervisor and student)

If an ELLIS Unit Nijmegen member and a student have already formed a team with a concrete project idea, they can jointly apply for the fellowship. The ELLIS Unit will then evaluate the project to decide on its eligibility for funding.


7 June:  Deadline for project submissions from a supervisor-student team, including the CV of the student.

24-28 June:   Interviews with students

Application should contain:

  • Project description (see template)
  • CV of the student
  • Motivation letter: why this project and why ELLIS Excellence Fellowship?

Application via this form

About the Fellowship:

This fellowship is suitable for you if you are a Master's student interested in an academic career and have the ambition to write an academic paper of high quality.  We expect the workload of this fellowship to be full-time for a duration of 6 months.

Our aim is to make these fellowships accessible to all our excellent students, and we want to try to make sure that all students get equal access. Therefore we are happy to announce that we are able to offer a fee of €500,- gross per month.

We furthermore would like you to join us every Wednesday at our Radboud AI/ELLIS location at the 20th floor of the Erasmus building, and ask for your support in organizing some events for the ELLIS unit.

When a student is selected they/she/he will receive (upon successful completion):

I. A certificate of participation with a pass or fail;

II. Two letters of recommendation: for the student that will help them in their continued (academic) career;

III. Access to the ELLIS network: we strongly encourage students accepted to this program to start and build a network of both good students and more importantly ELLIS unit members;

IV. €500,- per month, for the duration of the fellowship*.

Other desired outcomes outside of the appraisal criteria:

I. A clear understanding and sustainable code base for the project/notes/experiments etc.;

II. The research project should culminate in a Master's thesis, that potentially could be the start of a publishable paper in a respected top-tier journal or conference.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Performing literature research and background survey: How much can a student understand the field they are in, and understand the scope of the problem they want to work on.
  • Learning new ideas: How did the student adapt and learn new tools/methodologies/concepts.
  • Coding and running/designing experiments: How is the student proficient in coding, how dominant were they designing the ML/DL experiments and how did they run them.
  • Formulating research question: How pro-active and independent was the student in formulating the research question.
  • Performing research: How was the student during the fellowship of research, how was their interaction with their adviser, how independent were they and how was the overall process of performing research.
  • Writing of the paper: How was the student involved in the writing process and was the paper of sufficient quality of being published according to the supervisor.


If you have any questions, let us know! Send them to ELLIS-fellowships [at] ru.nl (ELLIS-fellowships[at]ru[dot]nl)

Projects ELLIS Excellence Fellowships Fall 2024

For the fall 2024 round, the following ELLIS Excellence Fellowship projects are available. See which project appeals to you the most. We look forward to receiving your application!

Industrial partnerships

ELLIS knows that collaboration between industry and academia is key to bringing Europe to the forefront of developments in machine learning and AI. Through the sponsorship program, ELLIS focuses on creating and deepening these connections and strengthening initiatives to train the next generation of researchers, retain top talent in Europe, push technical innovation, and respond to urgent challenges in the field.

ELLIS believes in cultivating and supporting a diverse and interactive ecosystem around research in machine learning-driven fields in order to bring Europe to the forefront of developments in fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact. Our vision is for Europe to shape how machine learning and AI change the world by connecting outstanding research hot-spots and facilitating collaboration and exchange within these highly developed ecosystems.

There are several ways to cooperate with the ELLIS Unit Nijmegen:

  • Internships or fellowships;
  • Submitting a project proposal for our ELLIS Excellence fellowship;
  • Designing research challenges together for students and/or PhD candidates;
  • Explore research options to match fundamental machine learning technologies for industrial application;

If you are a company interested in offering an internship please contactsecretary [at] ai.ru.nl ( Secretary AI)

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