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Radboud AI is a campus-wide initiative connecting all activities on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science within Radboud University and Radboudumc. Radboud AI strives for the development of human-centered AI technology, which can form the basis for creating practical applications for the benefit of society. In addition to doing fundamental research on the development of new AI algorithms, our researchers study the societal impact of using these techniques in several application areas such as healthcare, communication, education, neuroscience, and the natural sciences. Radboud AI takes an integrated perspective on AI, where the collaboration of scientists from different fields is essential for the development of AI technologies that are transparent, responsible, sustainable, and socially aware. 

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Our mission: connecting AI

Radboud University and Radboudumc have joined forces in the initiative Radboud AI, which connects all activities on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on our campus. 

Inspired by the human brain, Radboud University is a global frontrunner on research about innovative intelligent learning systems. To maintain our leading position we develop new know-how and technologies that connect different fields of AI, science, and society in a responsible manner. Our scientists and students from all faculties work together with industry to create new solutions that allow for a future where privacy, security, and understanding of AI is valued. In order to develop human-oriented AI innovations we work closely with our researchers at Radboudumc.


The Radboud AI management board consists of Tom Heskes, Serge Thill, Pim Haselager, Sasha Caron, Colin Jacobs, Martha Larson, Bram van Ginneken, Jeroen van der Laak, Mustafa Acikyurek, Andre Marquand, Dirk van Schaijk and Esther van Straten

The advisory board consists of Alain van Gool, Bert Kappen, André Janssen, Inge Molenaar, Wilhelm Huck, Natascha Rietdijk, Tibor Bosse and Marcel van Gerven


Radboud AI collaborates with various partners, both other universities and leading industrial partners. Together, we are involved in labs laying the groundwork for the future of AI.


The European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS)  brings together outstanding academic institutions and aims to create new working environments for outstanding machine learning researchers to enable them to combine cutting-edge research paired with creating start-ups and industrial impact. Our mission at the Nijmegen ELLIS unit is to advance theoretical and applied research in machine learning and to educate the next generation of machine learning researchers.

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Radboud AI is a member of various networks, active both internationally and in the region. These networks include the ELLIS Society, CLAIRE AI, AI-hub East Netherlands and the Netherlands AI Coalition.

Radboud AI


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