Local Council

Trade unions represent the interests of employees during the Local Council. The Local Council discusses issues related to the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities. The representatives of the trade unions consult about the terms of employment at Radboud University so that they better reflect the wishes of the employee.




FNV - magda.korolczuk [at] fnv.nl (Magda Korolczuk) & nico.tenbrink [at] ru.nl (Nico ten Brink)

FNV is the largest trade union operating within Radboud University. FNV makes a strong case for realising real jobs at Radboud University.


CNV - martin.van.gessel [at] gmail.com (Martin van Gessel) & a.sewgobind [at] cnv.nl (Abhilash Sewgobind)

CNV is the national advocate for all people working in the Education, Care, Welfare, Government, Public Services and Market sectors.


AOb - marijtje.jongsma [at] ru.nl (Marijtje Jongsma)arnoud.lagendijk [at] ru.nl (Arnoud Lagendijk) & acharifi [at] aob.nl (Ahmed Charifi)

AOb is the largest education union and therefore plays an important role in consultations between government, institutions and other interest groups.


FBZ - j.lefebre [at] fbz.nl (Jan Willem Le Febre)

FBZ is committed to ensuring good working conditions for a wide range of professionals.

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