Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges

Actionable Sustainability Thinking 

The Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges aspires to be the hub for all research and education related to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. 

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We enhance the connection of inter- and transdisciplinary research on sustainability by bringing researchers together, in seminars, joint projects and research proposals. Also, we increase the impact of Radboud University's research to support the transformations and connections societies need to get to the Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) objectives. We can do this because we make an effort to know society's questions.

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In terms of education, we make sure that each Radboud University graduate is aware of the concept of sustainability in relation to their field of study, and stimulates the offering of a wide range of courses and study programs relevant to sustainable development. We support in the development of courses related to sustainability aimed at interdisciplinary education, and in the development of education programs with sustainable development at their heart.

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Sustainability Testimony for Bachelor’s diplomas

Did you explore sustainability issues during your studies? To prove it, you can have a Sustainability Testimony added to your Bachelor’s diploma. 

The testimony is an addition to your Bachelor’s diploma supplement. This demonstrates that you paid particular attention to sustainability issues during your studies by successfully completing a number of sustainability courses and by writing your Bachelor’s thesis on a sustainability topic.

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Organisation of the Centre

The RCSC is led by Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers (Professor Environmental Governance and Politics), Ad Ragas (Associate Professor Environmental Science), Adam Calo (Assistant Professor of Environmental Governance and Politics), and Cristina Aoki Inoue (Associate Professor Environmental Governance and Politics). A group of Radboud University researchers, students, and lecturers from all faculties and an external advisory board are the internal and external pillars of the RCSC. Furthermore, the RCSC is in close collaboration with Radboud Green Office, the Program Director Sustainability and the network for sustainable development (NDO) at Radboud University. 

The RCSC Core Team

The RCSC Core Team is composed of 15 scholars across the many disciplinary faculties on campus. Our current team engages with sustainability issues within their own disciplinary focus of environmental science, transformation studies, economics, ethics, global governance, law, politics, anthropology, sociology, business and finance.

Through monthly meetings, the core team meets to build together a common understanding of sustainability research, teaching and action, that demands cutting across the disciplines. The Core Team also serves as an advisory board to the RCSC activities and a hub for collaborative writing projects, grant scoping, and sustainability strategy. 
Interested to join our Core Team? Reach us to rcsc [at] ru.nl (rcsc[at]ru[dot]nl) or rcsc [at] substack.com (rcsc[at]substack[dot]com).

The RCSC network

The Radboud Center for Sustainability Challenges is supported by an interdisciplinary network of Radboud staff. Write us to become a part of it!

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