Colonial Relations and Structures

The multidisciplinary group - consisting of researchers in Art & Culture Studies, Art History, American Studies, History and Literary Studies - aims to increase societal knowledge about colonial relations and structures in past and present societies. Our research focuses on continuities and discontinuities of colonial relations, structures, interactions, and imaginaries. We aim to include the agency and knowledge of (formerly) colonized peoples in our research and narratives.

Research Projects

Towards a Virtual Slave Island

Downtown Colombo has been one of the fastest-growing cities in South Asia. This project moves beyond the changes in the built environment, by foregrounding the untold life stories of past and present inhabitants of the suburb.

Belonging, Representation, Creolization

Focussing on the social and cultural history of baseball in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this research project analyzes how the sport has played a role in processes of belonging, discrimination and exclusion.

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Research session: Exploring 'Belonging' and Postcolonialism

Public lecture by Nigel Penn (University of Cape Town)

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