Memory, Materiality and Affect

Practices of cultural memory have received significant scholarly attention over the past two decades and constituted a major track of research at our Faculty as well. Building on the conception of memory as a performance of the past that is both embodied and mediated, the research group Memory, Materiality and Affect studies performances of memory by focusing on their material, affective, and transnational dimensions.

Research projects

Painting by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio

Moving Images

Paintings with moveable parts operated at the crossroads of art, philosophy, theology, literature, and science, but have never been analysed as phenomena within these frames. This project offers a new perspective on early modern material culture.

Vintage projector

Revisiting Gone with the Wind

There has been controversy surrounding Gone with the Wind due to its depiction of black characters. This research project examines how people in different places and in different times encountered the film and how their opinion has changed over time.


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