Representations of the City

The research group Representations of the City approaches the city from a broad comparative perspective, taking European and non-European worlds into consideration from a long diachronic viewpoint. We study the similarities and differences between these areas in terms of loyalties, the reciprocal relationships between different cities, cities and rulers, and cities and the countryside, and the functioning of networks. The city has been an engine of innovation throughout European history. The formation of loyalties and identities and of narrative traditions that give shape to the city, are important starting points for our research.

Research projects

A Living Law

In the eighth and ninth centuries, Western Europe experienced an impressive rekindled enthusiasm for scholarship and learning, fuelled by the Carolingian ambitions of correctio and emendatio of religious texts and practice.

Dating the Remains of an Agricultural System in Southern Iraq

Dating the Remains of an Agricultural System in Southern Iraq

Remains of a massive irrigation system covering over 50,000 hectares surround the former site of the city of Basra, Southern Iraq. This project is a collaboration to try and date the ridges of soil on site.

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