RICH Platform for Digital Humanities

The Radboud Institute for Culture and History founded the RICH Platform for Digital Humanities in 2021. In response to the increasing use of digital tools and computational analysis in the humanities, this platform brings together scholars from various fields to discuss the impact of digitisation, datafication and artificial intelligence on the study of culture and history.

Mission statement

Although researchers of culture and history have been working with computers for decades, recent developments in artificial intelligence have led to a rise in data-driven methodologies and computer-assisted analysis. Ever since the ‘computational turn’ was declared by David Berry in 2010, computers have slowly but surely been transitioning from mere auxiliary tools to becoming part of the core of humanities research. It seems safe to say that algorithmic thinking and data-driven research designs are fundamentally changing what it means to study culture and history in the twenty-first century. As human civilisation finds itself amidst the age of information and as our societies are becoming more and more datafied, it is, furthermore, crucial to reflect on which forms of digital literacy are required for the humanities to move forward. 

The RICH Platform for DICH aims to facilitate an intellectual community of researchers by organising lectures, workshops and schools. These meetings center around the affordances and challenges of digital tools and digitised datasets. It also strives to create a fruitful bond between digital humanities research and education at the Faculty of Arts, and serve as a springboard for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Members of the platform teach courses on datafication and digital humanities research techniques in BA programmes, the minor Data & Society, and the Research Master Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies. There are strong ties between the platform and the faculty’s Humanities Lab.

Associated researchers

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Dr R.J.H. Smeets (Roel)