The Eighties. Austerity, Reform, Conflict

The Eighties’ research group aims at bringing scholars from the Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG) and Political History together in order to enhance discussion, and in addition invite guest speakers from other universities. By organising discussion meetings our research group engages in the lively historiographical debate about the meaning and significance of the 1980s in Dutch history, also offering the opportunity to interpret key socio-cultural, economic, political and institutional developments in Netherlands within a European and global context. ‘The Eighties’ is the successor of ‘The Seventies’ research group, as the CPG has now commenced research into the period of the Lubbers cabinets (1982-1994).

Current projects

Our research projects are carried out under the banner of the CPG. Our projects' descriptions can be found on its website.

Ruud Lubbers spreekt de Tweede Kamer toe

Biography Ruud Lubbers (1939-2018)

Ruud Lubbers (1939-2018) was the longest-serving prime minister to date and, moreover, was so during a crucial period in the Netherlands. CPG researchers are now writing a critical, scholarly biography based on new insights.

Demonstratie van het landelijk WAO Comité op het Binnenhof, 1982

Parliamentary History Series: Politics during the Lubbers cabinets (1982-1994)

In 2023, the CPG began a new research project on politics in the long 1980s and during the Lubbers cabinets (1982-1994) that will result in a new volume (volume 11) of the Parliamentary History Series.

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