Cell biology

The Department of Cell Biology studies the structure, function and behaviour of cells and is part of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences.


The research of the Molecular Development Biology department is divided into 3 different teams:

Single-cell and single-molecule biology in gene regulation

The team of Musa Mhlanga works on gene regulation with a focus on single-cell and single-molecule biology. The core interest lies in nuclear architecture and the interplay of gene expression with coding and noncoding RNA. The researchers use several model systems, with a deeper focus on inflammation and immunity in recent years. 

Genome architecture & biophysical mechanisms

The team of Jorine Eeftens aims to examine the functional relevance of the genome architecture and the biophysical mechanisms that drive it. The researchers use a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach, ranging from single-molecule biophysics to genomics and engineering.

Cellular ageing

The team of Aki Minoda focuses on comprehensively determining epigenetic/chromatin/nuclear architectural changes and which of those may be driving cellular ageing. The researchers have successfully generated high-quality single-cell datasets in-house.


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