Human Biology


The department Human Biology (part of Radboud Institute for Molecular Sciences) aims to understand fundamental questions regarding the regulation of gene expression by chromatin architecture, the impact of cellular metabolism and the (micro)environment on the formation of chromatin states and transcriptional variability. The department is particularly interested in understanding these pathways during ageing and age-related diseases.

Research groups

Peter Tessarz

Human Biology Group

Peter Tessarz

The group of Peter Tessarz uses (primary) tissue cultures and 3D tissue models to dissect the connection between metabolism and epigenetics on a mechanistic level using biochemical, cell biological and deep-sequencing approaches, including spatial and single-cell resolution technologies.

Aki Minoda

Cellular Ageing Group

Aki Minoda

The group of Aki Minoda focuses on comprehensively determining epigenetic/chromatin/nuclear architectural changes and which of those may be driving cellular ageing. The researchers have successfully generated high-quality single-cell datasets in-house.

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