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Radboud University strives for a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. As Marketing & Communications, we contribute to this as much as possible. By exercising our own expertise, but for a common goal. We do this by making what Radboud University has to offer as attractive and easy to find as possible. So that our target groups will study, research, work and develop with us. Or donate to us, cooperate with us or invest in us. Together, we work towards a healthy, free world for everyone. You have a part to play.

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This is what we do

We are invested in making our education, research and social impact visible and easy to find. We address different target groups, such as (potential) staff and students, alumni and collaboration partners. To best reach and serve them, we have various areas of expertise in-house, including branding, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), content management, public relations, press relations, social media, online marketing and events.

Medewerkers Marketing & Communicatie


For communication questions and advice, you can contact us at communicatie [at]

Do you have a question that transcends departments or target groups, or do you not know exactly where to go? Then you can also contact the Management Team or Management Office Assistants.

communicatie [at] (Contact us)

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Communication channels

Our university website, social media pages, information screens and more.



Everything about our corporate identity, templates and other aids.


Photography and film

Creating visual material, either yourself or through an external party.



Everything about online or offline advertisements.



Print services on campus for printed materials and products.


Text and translations

Services and advice regarding writing and translating texts.


Projects & news

Opening van de Radboud Universiteit in 1923

Radboud 100 years

On October 17th, 2023, Radboud University will turn 100 years old. Throughout the year, we celebrate that Radboud University has had a significant impact on our students, researchers and employees for 100 years, and also to the world around us. Will...

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User-focused Online project

The User-Focused Online (Klantgericht Online) project focuses on the radical improvement of online communication from Radboud University. It targets the needs and search behaviour of our users.

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'You have a part to play' wins another award

On Thursday 2 June, the SAN Accents were awarded in Hilversum. Radboud University won an Accent award for the 'You have a part to play' campaign during Radboud Impact Day. The theme of the SAN Awards 2022 was 'Touch Me'.

Job openings

Browse our job openings for Marketing & Communication professionals and find a new challenge that suits you.

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de campus van de Radboud Universiteit tijdens Radboud Festival

Radboud Events

Get help and support when you are organising an event on campus.

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Radboud Fund

The Radboud Fund offers people the opportunity to contribute and be involved with projects.