Radboud Services

Radboud Services supports and facilitates teaching and research at Radboud University. Radboud Services consists of six divisions: Academic Affairs, Campus & Facilities, Information & Library Services, Marketing & Communications, Human Resources and Finance & Control.

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Target group research with the Radboud Student Panel

Do you have a topic where you are wondering: what do students think about this? For this, you can consult the Radboud Student Panel. The Radboud Student Panel consists of a pool of more than 1400 students.

Sfeer Radboud Services Festival

Join the Radboud Services Festival

Sign up for the Radboud Services Festival and the open stage on 21 September.

Cultuurtraject ILS

What Information & Library Services' culture track looks like

At the end of 2022, the Information & Library Services (ILS) division launched a culture track. Employees of the division were invited and challenged to describe what the future work culture should look like and then shape it.