Graduate School for the Humanities

The Graduate School for the Humanities aims to be a vibrant social, educational, and intellectual community for humanities researchers at the start of their (scientific) careers. We train PhD candidates to conduct research that is both scientifically excellent and socially relevant, and we provide them with the support they need to develop world-class research skills and complete their PhD projects on time. This community consists mainly of PhD candidates, but also of Research Master students and postdocs.

The Graduate School for the Humanities unites the graduate programmes of the three research institutes in the Humanities at Radboud University:

All PhD candidates who conduct research at one of these institutes are automatically registered as members of the Graduate School for the Humanities. 

General information for PhD candidates at Radboud University


GSH Open Lunch Meeting

On 28 February, the GSH organises another ‘open’ lunch meeting, in which we get together to meet each other and to talk in larger or smaller groups about the things that keep us busy.

GSH Workshop 'Roos van Leary' (English)

With the communication model called ‘Roos van Leary’, you are not only able to analyse and predict communication styles and patterns, but also to influence them.

GSH Writing Retreat

The GSH Writing Retreat takes place between 10 and 12 June 2024 in Villa Vennendal in Nunspeet and is aimed at advanced PhD candidates who are in the final phase of writing their manuscript.

How to become a PhD Candidate at the GSH

Are you looking to start a PhD trajectory in the humanities? The Graduate School for the Humanities recognises different types of PhD tracks. 

About PhD trajectories at the GSH

Contact GSH

General questions about the GSH, GSH Events or the GSH Website may be directed to gsh [at] (gsh[at]ru[dot]nl). Questions about specific PhD tracks can be directed to the relevant GSH coordinator.

  • For the Faculty of Arts, please contact Dr Suzanne van de Liefvoort (gshcoordinator [at] (gshcoordinator[at]let[dot]ru[dot]nl))
  • For the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, please contact Dr Jeske van Dongen (gshcoordinator [at] (gshcoordinator[at]ftr[dot]ru[dot]nl)).

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