As a research and expertise centre for religion and society, Kaski has been a household name in the Netherlands since 1946. Kaski researchers conduct research and provide policy advice on churches, faith and meaning in Dutch society for various social clients. Kaski is part of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Radboud University.

Work with us

How is your church, faith community or religious organisation developing in today's Dutch society? Which new forms of religious or meaningful communities are vital and promising? How does spiritual care contribute to the climate in your organisation? How do schools shape their identity in terms of religion and world view? Kaski has the knowledge and expertise to investigate these kinds of questions for your organisation and to provide concrete answers.

Researchers at Kaski translate social developments into policy for churches, identity-based organisations and governments. Kaski research and advice will help your organisation in, among other things:

  • Clarifying issues
  • Explore new markets and position your organisation
  • Gauge opinions and views on relevant themes
  • Policy or project evaluations
  • Design and supervision of policy changes

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Current projects

stapel boeken

The added value of spiritual care in high schools

This study sheds light on spiritual care options for high school students, based in part on meaningfulness aspects of well-being issues among these youth.


Practical wisdom of primary and secondary school leaders

This project brings school leaders in primary and secondary education together in professional learning communities. In the meetings, school leaders reveal how they are currently leading educational developments.

Space for Grace

Space for Grace

In the Space for Grace program Catholic faith communities in Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands are supported in (innovative) projects that enhance the vitality of these communities.

Our people

Portret van Jorien Copier

dr. Jorien Copier

dr. Jorien Copier


  • Identity development in education 
  • Renewal and vitality of faith communities 
  • Spiritual care
  • Qualitative research: interviews and focus groups
dr. Joris Kregting

dr. Joris Kregting

dr. Joris Kregting


  • Church developments on faith communities, income and buildings
  • The development of religious values
  • Evaluation and opinion research for numerous organisations with a religious or philosophical identity
  • Quantitative research: (web) surveys


  • Spiritual care
  • Education
  • Quantitative and qualitative research: (web) surveys and interviews




Churches and religious organisations

  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Protestant Church in the Netherlands
  • Smaller churches such as the Old Catholic Church and the Apostolic Society
  • KNR and various religious orders and congregations
  • Porticus
  • Christian charities such as Kerk in Actie, Salvation Army and the Dutch Bible Society

Education and media

  • Verus, the association for Catholic and Christian education
  • Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
  • EO
  • Trouw
  • Nederlands Dagblad
  • Reformatorisch Dagblad


  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Justice and Security
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 


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