Donders Challenge: Brainhelpdesk

Project member(s)
Dr Zeldenrust, F. (Fleur) Dr Schoch, S.F.S. (Sarah) Dr Calcott, R.D. (Rebecca) Roos, N.M. (Natascha) Dr Spaak, E. (Eelke) Bevandic, J. (Juraj) Dr Meyer, M. (Marlene) Dr Da Costa Souza, B. (Bryan) , Roeland Segeren , Joosje Kist , Jeanette Mostert , Marina Boon (Radboudumc)
Project type

Is it true that we use only a small percentage of our brain capacity? How long do we suffer from a trauma? What's the difference between the left and the right part of the brain? Normal questions from normal people.

With the Brainhelpdesk we're developing a platform where people can ask us what they want. We look for the expert and formulate an answer, in normal language.

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