Donders Citylab
Donders Citylab

The Donders CityLab

Citizen Science at the Donders Citylab

The Donders CityLab aims to bring science and the general public together by combining research, entertainment and education. Stationed at the experience museum muZIEum in the Nijmegen city centre, it's a textbook example of citizen science.

The Citylab is an experium, where visitors actively learn about their brain and how it controls the body. It will host interactive lectures, workshops, exhibitions and ongoing experiments. Visitors of the muZIEum will become research participants and learn about science and the brain.

For researchers, the Citylab offers a chance to show their research, and to collect data from people across all segments of society. For the muZIEum, the citylab broadens the experience and education of its visitors.

muZIEum Nijmegen

The muZIEum focusses on visual impairment and promotes awareness of those living with visual impairments. Visitors can experience the life of a blind person, in the Dark Experience, or during a tour through the city of Nijmegen with VR-glasses that simulate low vision. Tours are given by guides who themselves have a visual impairment.

Run an experiment

Are you a scientist, interested in running an experiment at the Citylab? You can sign up using the registration form.

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Ethical considerations

The experiments conducted in the Citylab at the muZIEum will be individually approved by established ethics committees at Radboud University. Ethics approval will be under the responsibility of the lead researcher of the experiment, who will follow the usual ethics procedures, with the CityLab effectively acting as an external testing location.

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