Portrait picture Balazs Aczel
Portrait picture Balazs Aczel

DCC Lecture 30 May 2024 - Balazs Aczel

Thursday 30 May 2024, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Psychology of Science

Balazs Aczel, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary will visit us on Thursday 30 May 2024.

Metascience is a broad term that encompasses all scientific efforts aimed at understanding and improving science itself. Despite the current surge in metascience projects, the field lacks disciplinarity and institutionalization, such as dedicated journals, departments, PhD programs. This poses limitations on its development. I argue that this inherent limitation is a necessary consequence of the too narrow methodological and conceptual common ground among metascientists from different disciplines. A more practical development of metascience is envisaged as a network of dedicated metascientific sub-disciplines of established disciplines. As a subdiscipline of psychology, psychology of science would fit within the existing divisions of its discipline as do philosophy and sociology of science. In this new perspective, psychology of science aims to cover any approach that applies the empirical methods or conceptual frameworks of psychology to understand or support the way science is done. In this talk, I will highlight the psychological perspective in recent metascience projects and discuss the directions that this subdiscipline is aiming to take.

Hostbertalan.polner [at] donders.ru.nl (Bertalan Polner) 

This event will take place in person, everyone is kindly invited (no registration necessary)

Thursday 30 May 2024, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Balazs Aczel
Maria Montessori, MM 01.620, Colloquium room