Rick Helmich looks into camera in the Red Room
Rick Helmich looks into camera in the Red Room

Growing Up in Science: Rick Helmich

Thursday 27 June 2024, 4 pm - 5 pm
Please join us for the 20th (!) edition of Growing Up in Science event of the academic year! We are delighted to have Rick Helmich in the interview chair to discuss his personal and professional journey as a clinician-scientist, past and present.

Curious what things are like behind the scenes for Rick

How (un)important it was for him to seek research experience abroad, and how tricky to move to the US with his two Russian Blue cats for 4 months? How does he balance clinical work and research, and still manages to  go swimming twice a week and win the 200m breast stroke gold medal at last year’s Eurogames? How do he and his husband (a judge) balance two high-flying careers while still finding time to watch movies, go to the theater, and dance salsa? Does he ever get impostor’s symptoms? How many papers and grants he did he write but got rejected

Here is the official story of Rick’s career

Hailing originally from the Dutch Antilles, Rick moved to the Netherlands  when he was 12. After this adventurous start, Rick flauntedall the ‘rules’ about having to gain research experience abroad. Other than a 10 month stay in Germany during medical school and 4 months in the US during clinical training, Rick has remained very much fixed in Nijmegen. He finished his MSc (2004), medical school (2005), and PhD (2011) all in Nijmegen, all cum laude and awarded with 2 thesis prizesRick continued to combine research and clinical work, training as a neurologist with a specialty in Parkinson’s Disease (2010-2017) while continuing his research. Since 2017, Rick is a PI of the Systems Neurology group at the DCCN (www.rickhelmich.com ), and has received many grants from NWO, the Michael J Fox Foundation, and ParkinsonNL. He has published > 100 papers in journals, has been cited > 7500 times, and has brought 6 PhD students to the finish line. 

As always, you are very welcome (and encouraged!) to ask questions during the event yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Alan & Hanneke