Pint of Science
Pint of Science

Pint of Science Festival

Monday 13 May 2024, 7 pm - Wednesday 15 May 2024, 9:30 pm
Questions that Move Science

Why is the sky blue? Why do we need to breathe? During your childhood, you’ve probably asked these types of questions an infinitude of times. They help us understand reality using the knowledge already acquired by others (our parents) as a shortcut. However, sometimes we encounter questions that don’t have a simple, direct answer. ‘How do ants find their way back home?’ or ‘How did life first start?‘ Questions like that are powerful tools that have been guiding us since the beginning of time, and now constitute an important step in the scientific method. 

Nijmegen’s Pint of Science team invites you to dive into the fascinating world of science through the lens of the different questions that fuel research. How does something work? What happens in a specific situation? Why do we observe certain effects? Anyone with a curious mind can think about these questions - and ways to answer them! But that’s also the job of scientists, who use a specific methodological approach - the scientific method - to try to answer questions based on evidence and experiments. 

This year’s talks are sponsored by the Donders Institute and will happen from 13th to 15th May at Cafe Ons Thuis with talks in English (13th and 15th) and Dutch (14th). Each day starts at 19.00, and will have a group of scientists talking about the questions that move their research. Example topics are:

If you are interested in learning more about those and other fascinating scientific questions, make sure to register for one (or why not three!) of our evenings! You can get tickets at Pint of Science. Tickets are free, but reservation is needed! 

Hope to see you and your friends there!

Warm regards,

Pint of Science team Nijmegen

Pint of Science Nijmegen
Monday 13 May 2024, 7 pm - Wednesday 15 May 2024, 9:30 pm
Cafe Ons Thuis