Pieter Medendorp
Pieter Medendorp

Donders Cube Award for Pieter Medendorp and Richard van Wezel

During the annual Donders Poster Session, Pieter Medendorp, and Richard van Wezel received the Donders Cube for establishing the new Human Neuroscience bachelor’s programme. The Donders Cube is awarded annually to an individual or team that has made an exceptional contribution to the Donders Institute.

New bachelor’s programme Human Neuroscience

The evaluation committee voted unanimously in favour of Pieter Medendorp and Richard van Wezel for their work in setting up the new Human Neuroscience programme. Their commitment and dedication to realise this innovative programme was seen by the committee as a tremendous asset to the institute. Moreover, getting the support of so many teachers, managers, directors and more, within the Donders Institute and various faculties of Radboud University, to obtain all the necessary accreditations is a huge task.

The programme offers a new generation of students the opportunity to contribute to research within the Donders Institute with a unique profile and skill set, both during their undergraduate and further academic and professional careers. A surprised Pieter Medendorp was present to receive the Donders Cube, and Richard van Wezel received the award later.

Scientific posters

Besides the Donders Cube, about 70 scientific posters were also presented. Prizes were also awarded for the best poster presentations per theme. This year's winners were:

  • Theme 1: Cecilia Husta
  • Theme 2: Upasana Shah
  • Theme 3: Marina Boon
  • Theme 4: Zehra Kazmi

Each winner was recognised for their outstanding research and presentation skills.