Donders PhD Graduates awarded Rubicon grants for Alzheimer's research

Two PhD graduates from the Donders Graduate School, Jeroen Uleman and Mandy Meijer, have secured Rubicon grants from NWO and ZonMw. These grants will enable them to conduct research at foreign institutes, providing valuable international experience in their careers.

Mandy Meijer, heading to the University of British Columbia in Canada, aims to predict brain cell types and understand their role in childhood behaviour. Using tools developed to study human brain cell types based on peripheral blood, her research will shed light on their influence on childhood neurodevelopment.

Meanwhile, Jeroen Uleman, relocating to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, focuses on breaking the cycle of sleep, depression, and Alzheimer's disease. With no current treatment for Alzheimer's, his research employs computer simulations to explore interventions targeting sleep and mental health, aiming to prevent late-life cognitive decline.

The Rubicon program, funded by NWO and ZonMw, supports young researchers by providing grants for research at foreign institutes, with an emphasis on the best environment for their work. The second round of 2023 awards, including those for Jeroen and Mandy, reflects a commitment of 7 million euros over three rounds, supporting about 60 young researchers each year.


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