Funding for early detection of stress signals

The Donders Institute plays a central role in the DESTRESS project, funded by NWO within the framework of the Dutch National Science Agenda. This eight-year project, with total funding of €10.6 million and led by Amsterdam UMC, aims to develop a new approach for timely detection of stress and strengthening of individual and organizational resilience.

Researchers affiliated with the Donders Institute will lead the development of methods for early detection of stress signals in work environments. This work encompasses both (neuro)biological predictors of vulnerability and resilience, as well as real-time measurements of stress reactions using wearable biosensors and smartphones. This innovative research builds upon previous findings and applies them within a work environment. Work package leader Erno Hermans: “I aim to provide a solid scientific foundation for early detection of relevant psychological and biological stress signals, which is urgently needed for preventive mental health care approaches such as DESTRESS”.

The necessity of an integrated approach to stress

Addressing stress and enhancing resilience poses a challenge for many companies. Signs of stress are often recognized too late, and it is not always clear who should address them. Moreover, stress does not only stem from work but often from one's personal situation. Especially in the early stages, there is significant importance for both the organisation and the individual to prevent stress from escalating and to maintain resilience. DESTRESS aims for a consistent scientific foundation with an approach that connects the perspectives of the individual and the organisation, ensuring that responses to stress signals are sustainable and effective. Christiaan Vinkers of Amsterdam UMC states: 'With the launch of DESTRESS, we take a significant step forward in addressing stress and promoting organisational and individual resilience. Employees often unnecessarily suffer from stress, leading to organisational problems. We need to take action on this.'"

DESTRESS consortium

The DESTRESS project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of experts, also including Vrije Universiteit, TNO, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the University of Groningen, and various healthcare industry partners. The Donders Institute is pleased to contribute to this groundbreaking effort to reduce stress and increase resilience within the workplace. For more information about the DESTRESS project, please visit the website.

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