FUS brain stimulation
FUS brain stimulation

Take a look at our Brain Stimulation Lab

Did you know we can stimulate your brain in one of our labs? Would you like to see what this looks like?

Researchers Lennart Verhagen, Hanneke den Ouden, and Soha Farboud provide you a unique look at the Donders Institute's Brain Stimulation Lab.

Brain Stimulation Lab

At the Donders Institute, we are equipped with non-invasive brain stimulation methods. These methods stimulate the brain without intrusive procedures, like brain surgery, making the process safer and accessible. We have developed a new way for this non-invasive brain stimulation: focused ultrasound.

Focused ultrasound

The ultrasonic technique's ability to target deep brain regions sets it apart from more traditional methods. These regions are essential for impulsive decision-making. Until now, studying or stimulating these areas in humans has been a challenge. However, as the video showcases, our innovative approach uses harmless high-frequency sound waves to penetrate the skull and precisely stimulate these targeted brain regions.

Do you want to participate in an experiment?

You can! Participants have the unique opportunity to contribute to research and witness their brain's firsthand stimulation. If you want to participate in an experiment, you can contribute as one of the first to new technologies. As you can see in the video, it is fun to see what is going on in research here and what we do, as well as to look at your brain.


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