Dr. Martine Hoogman
Dr. Martine Hoogman

Unveiling the positive aspects of ADHD: Vidi grant for Martine Hoogman

ADHD, often viewed through a lens of challenges and difficulties, is receiving a fresh perspective through the research of Dr. Martine Hoogman. Awarded a prestigious VIDI grant from NWO for her work before last summer, Dr. Hoogman is studying the positive aspects of ADHD, shedding light on a side often overlooked.

Dr. Hoogman's realized that ADHD is frequently approached from a deficit-oriented standpoint. Recognizing the need for a more balanced understanding, she shares, "ADHD is commonly examined from the negative side because people with ADHD naturally seek help. However, there's a demand, acknowledged by the Dutch Association for People with ADHD (Impuls & Woortblind), to explore the positive aspects that receive limited attention."

A Holistic Approach to ADHD Positivity

In her earlier research, Dr. Hoogman focused on the link between ADHD and creativity. However, she strived to broaden her scope. As she elaborates, "The feedback that I received suggested not fixating on one positive aspect, as it could lead to new stigmas. I want to take this subject seriously and, with the VIDI grant, expand my focus beyond creativity."

The VIDI grant enables Dr. Hoogman to delve into various positive aspects mentioned by individuals with ADHD. Based on pilot studies revealing that almost 95% of adults with ADHD perceive positive aspects, her research aims to provide a nuanced understanding. She emphasizes the importance of involving not only individuals with ADHD but also their surroundings, such as employers and partners, to create a more comprehensive picture.

"Positive aspects," Dr. Hoogman notes, "are diverse, with 106 identified in pilot studies. However, we need to filter and refine this information to make it applicable in real-life scenarios. By engaging with employers and educators, we aim to prevent work and school-related challenges, fostering a more inclusive and informed environment."

Navigating the ADHD Landscape

Addressing the three symptom domains of ADHD—hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity—Dr. Hoogman underscores the heterogeneity within the ADHD population. Her research explores potential variations in positive aspects based on ADHD subtypes, comorbidities, and gender differences.

Collaborating closely with Impuls & Woortblind, the Dutch Association for People with ADHD, Dr. Hoogman ensures that her research aligns with the needs and perspectives of the ADHD community. She emphasizes the importance to move beyond labeling individuals and towards accepting diversity.

Her research will contribute to a more nuanced understanding of ADHD to balance the narrative surrounding ADHD, acknowledging both its challenges and positive aspects. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with ADHD by fostering a more inclusive and accepting society.

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