ORA study

The influence of stress hormones on memory transformation
2024 until 2025
Project type

To examine the effects of noradrenaline and cortisol on memory over time, you will be invited to the DCCN for 3 times in total. The first visit is a screening interview which takes 1h, session 1 takes around 4h and session 2 takes approximately 2.5 hours.

During the screening interview, we will perform an eligibility interview to determine if you can participate. We will ask you some questions and measure your blood pressure and heart rate. This session needs to take place at least 12 hours before session 1 in order for you to have sufficient time to decide whether you would like to participate.

In sessions 1 and 2, you will perform in total 5 tasks, 4 of which will be inside an MRI scanner. During 2 tasks, you will sometimes receive mild electrical stimulations to the hand. These electrical stimulations are not painful or dangerous for you and the level will be determined for you personally. We regularly measure your blood pressure and heart rate and collect your saliva to measure hormones. During session 1 you will be asked to ingest a tablet with 40mg atomoxetine or 20mg hydrocortisone or both tablets or placebo tablets. These tablets increase noradrenaline and cortisol levels, respectively. They are registered and safe drugs and we will administer a low dose only once. We do not expect any side effects. Please only sign up if you are committed to completing all 3 visits (screening interview + session 1 + session 2).

The screening interview can be scheduled any time, but must be at least 12 hours before session 1. Session 2 will take place exactly 21 days after session 1

Participation will be reimbursed at € 113,-.


IMPORTANT:!! SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR SONA ID NUMBER!! for your screening interview appointment

EMAIL: ora [at] donders.ru.nl (ora[at]donders[dot]ru[dot]nl)

This study will be running until the end of Summer 2023, new timeslots will be updated continuously.

We look forward to your participation!

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