Cross-centre collaborations

To stimulate and facilitate new collaborations, the Donders Institute (DI) will provide seed funding for collaborative projects between researchers from two or more DI centres (DCC, DCCN, DCN, DCMN, MPI, CLS). The projects can focus on research, valorization, or outreach.

To apply for funding, please fill out the application form. Shortly after the deadline, the director, in consultation with the Research Platform, will make an initial selection based on the degree to which the proposal meets the requirements and aligns with the objectives of the call (e.g., the degree to which the proposal includes a new collaboration, the feasibility and clarity of the project, and the motivation for the budget). Subsequently, the short-listed proposals will enter a lottery where each proposal has an equal chance of winning. Proposals that are short-listed but are not selected for funding can be resubmitted in the next round.


  • The team consists of two or more members of two or more DI centres (DCC, DCCN, DCN, DCMN, MPI, CLS). 
  • The main applicant needs to be a (a)PI; co-applicants do not, but do need to be employed by one of the centers for the duration of the project. Diversity (e.g., gender) should be considered.
  • The budget can range from 100 to ~10.000 euro, to be spent before December 1, 2024.
  • The budget can include various items, such as money for pilot testing, a student assistant, app development, small materials, etc. The salary of the applicants cannot be included in the budget. 
  • Funded proposals must agree to write a short report at the end of the year and present the results of the collaboration during one of the Donders Sessions.


Application for cross centre collaboration funding is now closed until fall, follow this page or the Donders Weekly newsletter for the latest information.