Letterprins, the innovative reading game
Letterprins, the innovative reading game

Donders Challenges

To stimulate and support cooperation between our researchers, external researchers and partners in society, we formulate and take on Challenges. These are initiatives that can harness the strength of our research, and the knowledge or facilities of partners, in order to address specific scientific and society-related challenges that should be resolved within 6 years.

Current challenges

Brain Helpdesk

Brain Helpdesk

A platform where people can ask us what they want to know about the brain.

Make the right decision? That is more complex than you think

Donders Decision App

Because people are often unaware of internal and external factors that influence their choices.

Judith Homberg

Toolkit on sensitivity at the workplace

Developing a toolkit on sensitivity to the environment at the workplace.

Bike lab of Eric Maris

Keeping Balance

We will make our research bicycle simulator available to clinical partners within this challenge.

Creating maps of the human brain: brain atlases

Donders Challenge: The immune system in psychiatry

With combined expertise across neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, and endocrinology.

Donders Challenge

A dive into brain diversity

How common brain spaces can break the silos in neuroscience.

A dive into brain diversity

Suggest a new Challenge

DI (a)PIs are invited to propose new Challenges. They are initiatives that can harness the strength of our research to address specific problems, both fundamental and societal, replacing the current innovation programs. The aim of a challenge should be to expand the scientific and societal impact of the Institute, to unify our research programs and to increase the visibility of our research. They also provide an excellent opportunity for (a)PIs as a stepping stone for the acquisition of external research funds. 

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