TRuSt study

Training Reappraisal under Stress

In this study we want to investigate the efficiency of a smartphone-based cognitive reappraisal training in preventing stress-induced impairments in effective emotion regulation. We hypothesize that if you regularly use this strategy in your daily life, you will be able to successfully regulate your emotions even under high stress. In the long run such a training could be implemented to help prevent the development of stress-related disorders. For this purpose, you will randomly be assigned to group 1 (training) or to group 2 (no training).

If you are in group 1 you will be invited to the DCCN for 2 sessions (session 1 = 1h45min, session 2 = 3h15min) and you will perform a daily smartphone-based cognitive reappraisal training for 3 weeks (~10.5h). If you are in group 2 you will be invited to the DCCN for 1 session (3h50min).

In the session(s) you will fill in some questionnaires and perform cognitive tasks outside and inside an MRI scanner. We regularly measure your blood pressure and heart rate and collect your saliva to measure hormone levels. In the MRI, we will measure activity of a muscle around your eye, mild sweating of your skin, the size of your pupil, your heart rate and your breathing.

Please only sign up if you are committed to completing the whole experiment. Participation will be reimbursed at € 137, - (group 1) or € 43, - (group 2).

To sign up for this study, please fill in anonymously the screening form or send us an trust [at] (email) for more information.

You can then select a timeslot on SONA.

We look forward to your participation!

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