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  • Developing novel behavioral interventions for highly sensitive people

    The purpose of this scientific research is to gain feedback on a new intervention program that is designed to increase well-being. We are seeking volunteers to provide feedback on our activities and their experience.

  • DANDY study

    In this pharmacological study, we will examine the influence of two so-called neurotransmitters on the stress response, dopamine and noradrenaline.

  • ORA study

    To examine the effects of noradrenaline and cortisol on memory over time, you will be invited to the DCCN for 3 times in total.

  • TRuSt study

    In this study we want to investigate the efficiency of a smartphone-based cognitive reappraisal training in preventing stress-induced impairments in effective emotion regulation.


    A consortium of seven partners, led by the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (Radboud University)will build the world's first MRI scanner with a magnetic field strength of 14 Tesla in Nijmegen.

  • Donders Citylab

    The Donders CityLab

    The Donders CityLab aims to bring science and the general public together by combining research, entertainment and education. Stationed at the experience museum muZIEum in the Nijmegen city centre, it's a textbook example of citizen science.

  • Donders Challenge

    Donders Challenge: Toolkit on sensitivity at the workplace

    An estimated 20–30% of working people are highly environmentally sensitive. We aim to develop a free toolkit that raises awareness of high sensitivity in the workforce.

  • Brain Helpdesk

    Donders Challenge: Brainhelpdesk

    Do we use only a small percentage of our brain ? How long do we suffer from a trauma? With the Brainhelpdesk we're developing a platform where people can ask us anything they want.

  • Donders Challenge: Keeping balance

    As the number of bicycle accidents among senior citizens is rapidly increasing, studying balance on a bike is relevant. We will make our research bicycle simulator available to the clinical partners within this challenge.

  • DecisionWise

    Donders Challenge: The Donders Decision App

    We are faced with decisions all the time. The Donders Decision Making App makes knowledge in the field of decision making accessible.

  • Donders Challenge

    Donders Challenge: The immune system in psychiatry

    Psychiatric disorders co-occur often with autoimmune diseases. Shared genetic risk factors for psychiatric and autoimmune disorders suggest similar underlying mechanisms in biology and behaviour. We try to better understand such shared mechanisms.

  • The NeuroIMAGE project

    The NeuroIMAGE Project

    The International Multisite ADHD Genetics (IMAGE) project is an ongoing genetic initiative aimed at enriching the Dutch database with sMRI, fMRI and neuropsychological data.

  • MIND-Set

    The MIND-Set Project

    Project MIND-Set stands for Measuring Integrated Novel Dimensions in neurodevelopmental and stress-related mental disorders.

  • IMpACT

    The IMpACT Project

    IMpACT (International Multi-centre persistent ADHD CollaboraTion), is a consortium of clinical and basic researchers dedicated to improving research on ADHD across the lifespan.

  • ENIGMA project DNA structure

    The ENIGMA consortium

    The ENIGMA consortium brings together researchers worldwide to study the genomics of brain structure and function in health and disease.

  • Donders Challenge

    Donders Challenge: A dive into brain diversity

    One of the least appreciated aspects of brain organization is its diversity across species.