Donders Citylab

Donders Citylab facilitates collaborations between Donders Institute’s researchers and public and private partners such as libraries, museums, cultural centres, and Nijmegen municipality. By collaborating with various partners, the Donders Citylab strives to enhance science literacy of society, societal literacy of scientists and strengthen research that takes place at Donders Institute.

Donders Citylab
Donders Citylab

Via the Donders Citylab kiosks, visitors will become research participants whilst learning about cognition, behaviour, and the brain. Researchers could reach out to citizens and collect data from people across all segments of society.

Upcoming: showcase of Donders Citylab experiments

Are you interested in large-scale data collection with a diverse population? Then a Donders Citylab micro-experiment might be it for you! Join us on the 4th of April to learn more about Donders Citylab micro-experiments. We’ll be discussing data quality and the lessons learned of the previous micro-experiments and how you can start to design your own. You will be able to meet the researchers and participate in a micro-experiment on a Donders Citylab kiosk. More information can be found here and let us know if you are coming.

Donders Citylab @ muZIEum Nijmegen​

The muZIEum focusses on visual impairment and promotes awareness of those living with visual impairments. Visitors can experience the life of a blind person, in the Dark Experience, or during a tour through the city of Nijmegen with VR-glasses that simulate low vision. Tours are given by guides who themselves have a visual impairment.​

At present, three kiosks of the Donders Citylab are in the exhibition lounge of the muZIEum where researchers of the Donders Institute run online experiments about brain, cognition and behaviour being run. These experiments are designed to be engaging and educational for participants and allow collection of data on a large scale (± 600 responses per month) and with a diverse population. Further, two science dissemination events a year will be organised at the muZIEum.

Run your experiment at the Donders Citylab

If you are interested in running an experiment at the Citylab, then read more about all of the options at the Citylab. If you are working for the Donders Institute you can find more information on Donders intranet or get in contact:

Run your experiment

Donders Citylab @ Re(M)ind

Donders Citylab in collaboration with NeuroTechEU University Alliance are premiering a multimodal interactive artwork that integrates music, dance, and interactive graphics to depict stages of memory and consciousness on October 19th, 2023.

Re(M)ind is an immersive experience where the audience is surrounded by soundscapes, human- and computer-generated music and graphics, and interactive dance blurring the boundaries between art, technology, and science. Re(M)ind engages and invites its audience to experience, introspect and contemplate human reality and the post-human future. Combining artistic expression with the latest technologies and insights into memory and consciousness, Re(M)ind stimulates the exploration of our deepest thoughts and perceptions, and projects forward to new shadows of an imagined future.


Donders Citylab

The organisation of the Donders Citylab constitutes of a Citylab manager, Citylab officer and scientific committee. Both the manager and officer are part of the Donders Institute bureau. The scientific committee members are spread across the stakeholders of the Donders Institute.

Citylab manager: Anna Mura

Citylab officer: Yvonne Kuiper

Scientific Committee:  Prof. A.G. Sanfey (Chair), Dr. M.V. Peelen, Dr. J.N. Vrijsen, Dr. W.T.J.L. Pouw