People together
People together

Societal impact Donders Institute

The research conducted at the Donders Institute has enormous potential for benefiting society. Therefore, our science is geared towards current and anticipated societal issues and challenges. We aim to generate and transfer knowledge, share facilities, and work together. We reach out to public and private societal partners to interact and collaborate.

Learn more about the brain

Did you know our PhD candidates write a weekly blog about the brain, cognition, and behaviour? That the Brainhelpdesk is open for all your questions and that you can take part in our research at the Donders Citylab?

Donders Citylab kiosk

Donders Citylab

Building a community to foster curiosity for science

Donders Wonders

Donders Wonders blog

Read more tales of brains and science in our blog.

Donders Wonders
Brain Helpdesk

Brain Helpdesk

Answers to all your questions about the brain (in Dutch).

Brain Helpdesk

Science that tackles challenges in society

To stimulate and support cooperation between our researchers, external researchers and partners in society, we formulate and take on so-called Challenges. These are initiatives that can harness the strength of our research, and the knowledge or facilities of partners, in order to address specific society-related problems that should be resolved within 6 years.


Donders Challenge: The Donders Decision App

We are faced with decisions all the time. The Donders Decision Making App makes knowledge in the field of decision making accessible.

Donders Challenge: Keeping balance

As the number of bicycle accidents among senior citizens is rapidly increasing, studying balance on a bike is relevant. We will make our research bicycle simulator available to the clinical partners within this challenge.

Donders Challenge

Donders Challenge: Toolkit on sensitivity at the workplace

An estimated 20–30% of working people are highly environmentally sensitive. We aim to develop a free toolkit that raises awareness of high sensitivity in the workforce.

More challenges

Donders school activities

There are several options to educate children about our research. In collaboration with other scientists and teachers we have developed a teaching kit, and at the university's Science Education Hub there are even more materials and activities.  

Donders school activities

Spin-off, spin-out and start-ups

The Donders Institute encourages scientific entrepreneurship, whether in collaboration with societal partners or led by researchers. Several Donders researchers have started their own company.

Some examples:

3DneuroMind TraceMindAffectBig4DataMarbelous MindsNeuroDrug ResearchSBGneuro Limited