Donders school activities

There are several options to educate children about our research.

In collaboration with other scientists and teachers we have developed a teaching kit, and at the university's Science Education Hub there are even more materials and activities.

Donders Teaching Kit

The Donders Teaching kit is a non-profit project set up by Donders researchers that aims to educate children about neuroscience, and inform primary school teachers about how children can use this knowledge to improve their ability to learn.

Science Education Hub Radboud University (WKRU)

The WKRU (Wetenschapsknooppunt Radboud Universiteit in Dutch) is an expert in inquiry-based learning and science education. Its mission is to encourage an inquisitive and explorative attitude in both primary school students and (upcoming) teachers. In order to accomplish this, the WKRU organises various activities that establish a link between primary schools, pre-service teacher education and researchers of the Radboud University.

Science Education Hub Radboud University

Here is an overview all activities at the Science Education Hub Radboud University in which scientists of the Donders Institute are involved.