Donders Thesis Series

The Donders Institute initiated the so-called Donders Series for PhD candidates completing their PhD thesis within our research programme. As of September 2008 the series is published by the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

The Donders Thesis Series is basically open to all PhD candidates within the Donders Institute. PhD candidates who are enrolled at the Donders Graduate School are required to publish their PhD thesis in the series. It is optional for PhD candidates who are employed elsewhere but spend the majority of their research time at the Donders Graduate School.

Donders Thesis Series

The word cloud above is based on the titles of all theses currently included in the Donders Thesis Series and as such provides a nice representation of the topics of research within the Donders Institute. The complete list of Donders Theses can be found here and it includes links to the Radboud Repository to retrieve the full-text of each thesis.

In 2024 the following theses are included in the Donders Thesis Series:

677. Günther, D. (2024) On the Rational Design of Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors as Precision Tools in Neuroscience

676. Ruyter van Steveninck, de J. (2024) Prototyping Phosphene Vision: Simulation-based optimization of visual neuroprosthetics using deep learning

675. Hugte, van E. (2024) Exploring the Equilibrium between Seizure and Synchrony: Neuronal Network Development in Health and Disease

674. Holleman, E. (2024) 673. Meeder, E. The dynamic nature of memory. Studying interactions between internal states and external stimulation

673. Meeder, E. (2024) Biological factors associated with mental health in people living with HIV: a multi-omics study

672. Ven, van der W.A.F. (2024) Gait is More than Movement. A Longitudinal Study of Neuromotor Processes Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

Gait is More than Movement. A Longitudinal Study of Neuromotor Processes Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

671. Dingemans, A.J.M. (2024) Next-generation phenotyping in neurodevelopmental disorders: Applications of artificial intelligence in clinical genetics

670. Marzban, N. (2024) Frequency-Related Dynamic Interactions Across VTA, Striatum, and PFC Regions in Rats: Using In vivo Electrophysiology Combined with Optogenetic Modulation During Novelty Exploration

669. Wal, M. ter (2024) Oscillatory modulation of neural communication

668. Roording-Regetlie, S. (2024) Thesis defense Sammy Roording-Regetlie (Donders Series 668) - Donders Institute (

667. Ghilardi, T. (2024) Statistics in motion: harnessing regularities to predict the world

666. Marius Schneider (2024) Mechanisms of inter-areal neuronal communication

665. Goertz, R.I. (2024) Inside Out - How can the internal structure of the mental lexicon support autonomous foreign vocabulary learning?

664. Rudolph, J.L. (2024) Memory formation in reach adaptation

663. Sotomayor, B. (2024) Exploring the Unsupervised Detection of Multi-Neuronal Spiking Patterns and the Role of Precise Timing in Neuroscientific Studies.

662. Klaassen, F.H. (2024) At the heart of the decision: On the role of defensive freezing states in approach-avoidance decision-making under threat.

661. Evers, L. (2024) Stepping out of the clinic: towards objective, real-life monitoring of Parkinson’s disease

660. Kort, de A.M. (2024) Cerebral amyloid angiopathy: novel insights on prevalence and fluid biomarkers

659. Boekesteijn, R.J. (2024) Evaluating walking in lower-extremity osteoarthritis: Beyond the lab, towards the real world

658. Bouman, K. (2024) Optimization of clinical care and trial readiness of two rare muscle diseases: LAMA2-related muscular dystrophy and SELENON-related congenital myopathy

657. Bosch, E. (2024) Immediate and long-term effects of an elimination diet and a healthy diet in children with ADHD

656. Venis, van der L. (2024) Mobility, Stability, Adaptability: The challenges of walking for people with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

655. Willemsen, Y. (2024) Nutrition’s Route to Behaviour and Vice Versa: Longitudinal Links from Early Life to Adolescence

654. Heide, van der A. (2024) Psychological stress and Parkinson's disease: underlying mechanisms and focused interventions

653. Domingos, J.M.M. (2024) Community-based exercise programs for Parkinson’s: challenges, strategies, and opportunities for improving care

652. Rutkowska, J.M. (2024) The development of understanding others' actions through their movements

651. Alishbayli, A. (2024) Processing of Statistically Defined Sounds in the Auditory Cortex

650. Johansson, M. (2024) Disease progression in Parkinson’s disease: identifying cerebral mechanisms for targeted interventions

649. Geugten, van der D.C.E.M. (2024) Better Safe than Sorry? The role of the Extended Amygdala Circuitry in Fear Generalization and Anxiety

648. Muskens, J.B. (2024) Keep the body in mind. Towards integrating physical and mental health in child and adolescent psychiatry

647. Scheper, I. (2024) Never make the first mistake! Impact of errors on learning outcomes in individuals with and without cognitive impairments

646. Adhiatma, W. (2024) The development of performance validity tests (PVTs) for use in neuropsychological assessment in Indonesia

645. Kuijpers, R. (2024) Adapt your step - Clinical assessment and training of walking adaptability in children with mild motor disorders

644. Vijverberg, M.A. (2024) On the management of patients with microtia and other auricular anomalies

643. Cockx, H. (2024) Freezing of gait: why people with Parkinson’s disease suddenly seem to be glued to the floor

642. Tomkiewicz, T. (2024) Splicing, elongation, and restoration: a tale of ABCA4 splicing to pave the road towards therapeutic applications

641. Mentink, L. (2024) Genetic risk, sleep disruption, and neuroimaging biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease

640. Poli, F. (2024) Developing models for learning and exploration

639. Mei, T. (2024) Understanding Brain Structural Covariations in Autism

638. Sengupta, S. (2024) Investigation of impaired inhibition in Parkinson’s Disease

637. Kooiman, V. (2024) Gait analysis in transfemoral prosthetic users: biomechanics, metabolic cost, and cortical involvement.

635. Uran, Cem (2024) Contextual modulation of neural signals in the primary visual cortex of awake macaque monkeys

632. Toutounji, R.T. (2024) Stress Reactivity and the Brain: From Daily Life Dynamics to Large-scale Neural Network Balance

627. de Boer, E. (2024) Identifying genetic causes of unexplained neurodevelopmental disorders and congenital anomalies: Lessons from systematic re-analysis, genotype-phenotype studies and innovative technology