Diversity and Sustainable Science

At the Donders Institute, we strive for a research culture that is open, inclusive, and diverse. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming working environment for all people.

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Diversity and inclusion

Science misses out if it is not for and by all of us. We want our researchers, staff, and students to be able to live as themselves and work without fear of discrimination or harassment. We believe all researchers should have equitable access to research and learning resources, allowing each individual to develop to the best of their ability.

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Sustainable Science

The scientific system of today faces challenges which harm the quality of science and academic work culture. At Donders Institute, we strive towards world-class research. At the same time, we want to provide a stimulating working environment for our employees. For us, sustainable science includes research practices and work culture aimed at long-term solutions that give everyone the support they need, in order to grow and develop.


Peercoaching programme

Peercoaching is one of our sustainable science programmes. Peers at the Donders Institute help each other find solutions for the daily struggles they have in common during group meetings.

Donders peercoaching

Inclusion Seminars

In our series of inclusion seminars, Donders researchers with different backgrounds and from all levels of experience are invited to present their research in any way they like. The goal is to provide an accessible and inclusive platform for every researcher at the Donders Institute.

Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee

The Donders Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee is represented in the governing board, and the board of directors is represented in the Committee. This ensures that we can develop more bottom-up initiatives to support our institute where diversity is cherished, valued and protected.

Committee members

Fighting inequality

With ‘diversity’ we mean everything that makes us unique – this includes identities and groups based on gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, belief, age, personality and other factors that make us who we are.

Our society, including ourselves as individuals and the organization, is not as inclusive as we could be. We want to change that. We continue to learn how individuals and groups are marginalised at our institute. We commit to being transparent and accountable in our efforts to combat inequalities and creating an inclusive environment for all. As we learn more about the barriers that disadvantage certain groups in our institute, we will work to remove them.

We encourage everyone to be an ally of marginalised groups and aid in our progress towards a sustainable solution. We believe each of us has a responsibility for eradicating discrimination and in contributing to an inclusive research environment.

Our commitments

  • We will be respectful, sensitive, and understanding.
  • We will listen to those who are underrepresented.
  • We will place people at the centre of decision-making that affects them.
  • We will hold people’s privacy and personal boundaries high.
  • We will promote transparency and accountability.
  • We will acquire and share data on diversity and inclusion.
  • We will actively work to eliminate under-representation of minorities at all levels.
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The Diversity and Sustainable Science committee hosted a webinar on inclusion in academic science.