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Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour

The Donders Institute explores the human brain, cognition, and behaviour across various disciplines, including medicine, physics, biology, psychology, AI, and language studies. Our researchers collaborate to enhance knowledge of the brain, aiming to benefit health, education, and technology.


Kinderen op het Kletskoppenfestival 2022

Congenital abnormalities ten times more frequent in children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Children with neurodevelopmental disorders are found to have congenital abnormalities at least ten times more frequently than their peers, as revealed by a recent analysis led by clinical geneticist Bert de Vries.

Bernhard Englitz

NWO Open Technology funding for LiveScope

The LiveScope project, led by Bernhard Englitz, was awarded a NWO Open Technology grant of €850k. LiveScope is a first-of-its-kind audiovisual tracking system for rodents with breakthrough spatial accuracy.

Susan Ackerman

Donders Lecture – Susan Ackerman 23 May 2024

Transfer RNAs as Modifier Genes of Neurological Disorders


Increased understanding of Stargardt disease through genetics

Donders MEG/EEG Toolkit

Donders Career Event

Advanced Imaging Techniques for (Neuro)biology