Numerus fixus

Some Bachelor's programmes have a maximum number of available places (numerus fixus). There is a selection procedure for these programmes.

Numerus fixus programmes

When more students apply for a programme than there are places available, they will need to take part in a selection procedure if they wish to get a place on the programme. Five of the university’s Bachelor’s programmes are subject to numerus fixus.

Overview numerus fixus programmes

Application procedure: Selection & Placement

If you wish to take a numerus fixus programme, you should be aware that the application process is slightly different. 
Application procedure - Dutch previous education

Application procedure - International previous education

Rules for Selection & Placement

The setup and implementation of the selection process for Bachelor’s programmes with a numerus fixus is established in the selection and placement regulations.

Selection & Placement Regulations

Problems during Selection & Placement procedure

Do you want to start a numerus fixus programme, but do you deviate from the rules? Did you miss a deadline because of force majeure, or do you want to request a postponement? 

Request for deviation


If you wish to apply for a Bachelor’s programme, you will need to make sure that you submit your enrolment request via Studielink before the application deadline. 

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Enrolment procedure

Have you completed the application in Studielink, for the Bachelor's of your choice? Then you can start the Radboud University enrolment procedure. 

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