Study Compatibility Check

When it comes to choosing a study programme it is important that you make the right choice. That is why we offer a Study Compatibility Check after your application for a Bachelor’s. This check consists of a questionnaire about your motivation and sometimes also a personal interview.


  1. Step 1: Check if the Study Compatibility Check is part of your application procedure

    The Study Compatibility Check is part of almost all bachelor programmes. The students who will not receive the check:

    • Are required to participate in a selection procedure;
    • Have applied to any study programmes at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. This faculty follows its own procedure.

    If you apply after 1 May, you will not be able to take part in the Study Compatibility Check and you will no longer be entitled to advice about your choice of study. Students may take part in the Study Compatibility Check until 30 June. 

  2. Step 2: Complete the digital questionnaire

    You will receive the digital questionnaire after you have applied to the study programme. The questions in this list pertain to your choice of study, your motivation and your expectations during the first year of the programme. Complete the questionnaire. You will not need to do any preparation for the questionnaire, but do make sure that you have your transitional grades from the second last to the last year of your pre-university secondary education on hand (these are equivalent to the transitional grades from VWO 5 to VWO 6). Your answers may lead to a positive assessment or an invitation for a study choice activity. If your answers lead to a positive assessment, you will receive an email from Radboud University within 3 weeks. Did you not receive an email? Then your answers will be a reason to invite you to a study choice activity. You will be invited by the study program after 1 March (within 3 weeks). You will receive further information about what this activity looks like and how you can participate.

    If you have enrolled in more than one programme, the Study Compatibility Check that you receive will be for the programme for which you initially applied. If you would like to take part in a Study Compatibility Check for a second study programme, please contact our Central Student Desk (centralstudentdesk [at]

    Depending on the answers that you have given, you may now proceed to Step 3 or 4.

  3. Step 3: Invitation to take part in a personal interview (not for all study programmes)

    On the basis of the answers that you have given in your digital questionnaire, we may invite you to take part in a personal interview so that you can talk about your chosen study with a student advisor from the programme. Someone from the study programme will contact you about this interview. The purpose of this interview is to assist you in choosing the right study programme.

  4. Step 4: Study compatibility advice

    You will receive your study compatibility advice by email; make sure that you save this information. When it comes to applications, Radboud University uses the email address that is provided in Studielink. You will receive one of the following recommendations:

    • A positive recommendation, which means that we expect that the study programme will be a suitable choice; you can now complete your enrolment so that you can start the programme on 1 September.
    • A recommendation that you reconsider your choice of study, which means that we advise you to rethink the choice that you have made and start looking at other study programmes. Our programme information officers will provide you with tips on how you should proceed.

    Although this advice is not binding, it should be taken seriously. If you do not agree with the advice that you have been given, you may contact the student advisor from the study programme in which you have enrolled.



If you have a question about the Study Compatibility Check you can contact the Student Information Desk: