Application procedure for exchange students

Are you coming to Nijmegen as part of an exchange programme? Read more about the steps you should take to get admitted as an exchange student at Radboud University.


  1. Step 1: Nomination by your home university

    Students who come to Nijmegen as part of an exchange programme have to be nominated by their home university. Please note that the nominations by the home university should be received by Radboud University by 1 May (1st semester) or 1 November (2nd semester). If this nomination is accepted, the faculty coordinator at Radboud University will start the application. 

  2. Step 2: Login to OSIRIS Application

    As soon as your nomination has been approved by Radboud University, you will receive login details for OSIRIS Application in which you can upload all necessary application documents.

  3. Step 3: Upload necessary application documents

    For your application you will have to hand in the following documents, depending on whether you're coming for a study or internship/traineeship exchange.

    Study exchange

    • Transcript of Grades

    This form should include the ECs per course you have taken, and be signed and stamped by your home university. Should your university be unable to provide you with a standard Transcript of Grades, you can use this form.

    In case you wish to follow Master's courses at Radboud University, the faculty coordinators may require you to attach proof that you have earned at least 150 ECTS credits in your home university (equivalent to 2.5 years in the Bachelor's phase).

    The Transcript of Grades should be provided in Dutch, English or German. If the Transcript is in another language, a sworn translation in one of these three languages must be provided in addition to the Transcript in the original language.

    • Learning Agreement

    The obligatory Learning Agreement is meant to enable you to register for the courses you wish to follow at Radboud University. For universities participating in Erasmus Without Papers, Learning Agreements can be exchanged digitally. Please check with your home university if this is already possible for your university.

    If not, Erasmus students can ask their home university to send them the Learning Agreement.

    Non-Erasmus students can download the Learning Agreement for non-Erasmus students here

    When you have chosen your courses, write them down on the Learning Agreement, have the form signed by your home university and upload it in OSIRIS Application. Please also sign the form yourself.

    • Proof of English

    We ask you to guarantee that the standard of your spoken and written English is sufficient, by including a diploma or language test certificate that meets our English language requirements for exchange students.


    Internship/traineeship exchange

    • Learning Agreement for Traineeships

    Download the Learning Agreement for Traineeships for Erasmus students or non-Erasmus students. The Learning Agreement for Traineeships has to be signed by you and your home university.

  4. Step 4: Submit your application

    It is important to submit as many application documents as possible at the same time. After submission, you will not be able to add any other documents until after Student Admissions has reviewed them. Submit your application before the deadline of 23 May (1st semester) or 23 November (2nd semester).

  5. Step 5: Admission decision

    After Student Admissions has checked all application documents, they will inform you if your application is complete. If your application is complete, the faculty coordinator will review your documents, and decide on your admission as an exchange student. 

    The faculty coordinator will inform you about your acceptance via email and upload your fully signed Learning Agreement in your application. In case of non-acceptance, the coordinator will also contact you.

    If you are accepted the coordinator of the faculty will arrange your registration for the courses on the approved Learning Agreement.

Changes in courses during your exchange at Radboud University

Should you need to make any changes in courses during your exchange period, please ask for approval from both the coordinator of your home university and your faculty coordinator at Radboud University. Please complete the change form for Erasmus students or non-Erasmus students and hand this form over to your coordinator at Radboud University. 


Do you have any questions about the application procedure? Contact Student Admissions by sending an email exchangeadmissions [at] (exchangeadmissions[at]ru[dot]nl) or give us a call +31 24 361 23 45.